"Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs"




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Hillgrass Bluebilly Records is proud to unleash Restavrant's second full length album "Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs" for guaranteed heavy rotation on your various listening devices. A strong follow up to their 2008 debut " Returns To The Tomb of Guiliano Medici", "Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs" is a full throttle tour of the eclectic capabilities of this Victoria, Texas bred, Los Angeles based duo.

This twelve track album is defiantly innovative in it's unnatural pairing of "trash and tech". A gas rag soaked in a cocktail of disparate influences is sparked to ignition by the clash and clang of a frankenstein trash heap of license plates, gas can and assorted assemblage of garage floor treasures. The polarity of the inveterate warmth of slide guitar against extrinsic generated loops creates a friction that pressure cooks the conflicting methods into a genre decimating capital of *original compositions. 
*except "Bad Moon."

Every so often something will come along and snap your neck to it, flipping the auto pilot to full attention. A new sound that reconciles the familiar with the foreign, and pulls you into it. In 2008 our own Keith Mallette had such an experience as he caught the captivating bucket thump and grainy slide stylings of REST^vRANT through the trees of the "Enchanted Forest" ( no joke ) in Austin, Texas. Since then Hillgrass Bluebilly formed a lasting connection with REST^vRANT performing in 2 of the 4 H.B. XSXSW showcases and joining forces with Left Lane Cruiser on the H.B.E Hard Luck Summer Tour in 2009. This unique duo delivers a diverse cannon of sonic emotion that reaches rafter shaking, floor stomping heights and dreamlike contemplative depths using an inventive arsenal of unconventional instrumental implements. A guaranteed good listen, whatever your mood! REST^vRANT has the H.B. middle finger of approval in spades. We encourage you to pick up the album and support this incredible act when they come to your town. Also look for their contribution to the upcoming J.R & R.L, Johnny Cash and R.L Burnside double tribute album from Hillgrass Bluebilly Records coming in 2012! "Yeah, I Carve Cheetah's" is released worldwide Jan. 10, 2012