"Hiram & Huddie" vol. 1 & 2
A Double Tribute To Hank Williams & Lead Belly (Leadbelly)

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This unique compilation features:

The first release on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records, Hiram & Huddie: A double disc, was released in March 2009. A follow-up album, JR & RL: A Double Tribute to Johnny Cash & R.L. Burnside, along side HIRAM & HUDDIE is scheduled for release in 2012.

"Hillgrass Bluebilly will turn the world of music upside down." - John Carter-Cash

"The artwork is amazing. The songs are amazing. The project is amazing. Congrats on finally having this thing finished up. I look forward to future projects from Hillgrass Bluebilly Records" - Luke - Flatblack Studios

"How could so many of my favorite obscure/unknown primitive blues and country artists be on one collection? Hillgrass Bluebilly is a new record label which hopefully will be conquering the world pretty soon (or have a lot of fun trying.)" - I HATE CD's" Review

"Here is the amazing part about Hiram & Huddie. It's good. It's damn good. Every single track is good at the very least. I've played this through several times so far, and never had to skip a track, never rolled my eyes, never wondered "What in the hell is that supposed to be?" If all tribute albums were put together and came off like Hiram And Huddie this might not be so special, but what we have here is a true gem of an album worthy to stand side-by-side with the original tunes that inspired it" - Kent Gowran - Blood, Sweat & Murder blogspot

"In what dealings I have had with Hillgrass Bluebilly, two things are for sure. They have as much passion about the whole punkass/deep blues scene as anyone, and if they are gonna do something they are gonna do it 100% all out. Taking all of that into account I had a hard time imagining how this particular tribute album couldn't be awesome. I was right. It would be a shame for this album to get lost in the cracks only be rediscovered years later as a lost gem. Do yourself, Hillgrass Bluebilly, me and every single artist on this album a favor and buy it. Buy two. It's that good. It's easily gonna be the best compilation of the year!" - Bryan Childs ninebullets.net - CD Review